Entertainment is changing...

We used to have publishers and readers (or broadcasters and viewers). One side created content and the other consumed it.

Video games and social networking point the way to a richer entertainment experience, where we all participate: blurring the line between consumers and creators and enhancing entertainment through sharing it.

Interactive Entertainment has arrived.

Splintered Rock: an interactive webcomic

Splintered Rock Webcomic

With Splintered Rock, readers have the opportunity to determine the direction of the story and the part the characters play in it. Think of it like an old-style 'choose your own adventure' novel. You get to influence what happens next in the story... Should the hero stand and fight, or run and hide?

At the end of each episode, readers are presented with a choice of actions that the characters can take, or sometimes a choice of what scene should follow. The choice that receives the highest number of votes dictates what happens in the next episode. Because the comic is not pre-drawn or pre-scripted, what happens next really does depend on what the readers vote for. Also, there is the opportunity for readers to make their own suggestion about what should happen and if the writers like it or if enough people suggest something similar, then that is what will happen.

What is the story about?

Humans have reached the stars only to discover the nearby star systems are scattered with arid and desolate planets. The desert-world of Araxes is one of these. Its settlers call themselves the desert-born.

For many years the planet belonged to the desert-born but now, offworld agencies have leased areas of Araxes to mine 'crystal' under the protection of the United Systems Directorate. The desert-born must decide how to respond to the growing influx of those who wish to exploit their world.

At the mining outpost of Splintered Rock, tensions are starting to rise...

When can I read it?

Now! Take a look here. Chapter one of the comic is completed and we recently ran a Splintered Rock Kickstarter campaign to try and get the funding to make chapter two. We were not successful, but we are already working on more ways to continue the story. You can keep up with the latest news by liking our facebook page (below).