Interactive Entertainment is here...

We used to have publishers and broadcasters. They created content - others consumed it. Online gaming and social networking changed everything and now people want to interact and share rather than just consume.

Over the last few years, Vivacity has been experimenting with interactive entertainment for this new world. Here's a list of projects to date:

A 'Boutique' Online RPG inspired by Dune

Vivacity created a role playing game (RPG) environment in Second Life (an online, interactive, 3D space, like Minecraft) for fans of the 'Dune' novels. Just like World of Warcraft, there was a game system to interact with. But the world of Dune is a world of social interaction with a byzantine social system and everyone plotting against everyone else, so our RPG also emphasised socialising and taking part in a living game world. And because Second Life, like Minecraft allows players to create items in the world, players could truly create the character that they wanted to play.

An Interactive Webcomic

Splintered Rock Webcomic

Splintered Rock was a comic produced for the web which gave readers the opportunity to determine the direction of the story. Just like an old-style choose your own adventure novel, readers could influence what happens next in the story... Should the hero stand and fight, or run and hide?

At the end of each episode readers were presented with a choice of actions that the characters can take, or sometimes a choice of what scene should follow. The choice that received the highest number of votes happened in the next episode. The comic was not pre-drawn or pre-scripted so the plot really did depend on what the readers voted for.

A Megagame

Megagames are immersive, live-action, team-based games, usually involving at least 20 players. We're currently developing our own game. Check back soon or Like our Facebook page to find out more.