The Splintered Rock webcomic is developed in the online virtual world Second Life®. That means that YOU can login to the world and experience it for yourself. All you need to do is download the FREE viewer program which runs on Windows, Linux and Macs. Click on the Second Life icon (right) which will take you to the Second Life page where you can create an account and download the viewer.

Splintered Rock

Visit in Second Life

The Splintered Rock location in Second Life is already home to a thriving and enthusiastic science-fiction roleplay community which is mainly composed of roleplayers who are fans of Frank Herbert's 'Dune' saga, the short-lived TV series 'Firefly' by Joss Whedon and also some fans of Star Trek who enjoy pushing the boundaries of their universe. They are a friendly bunch too, so whether you like to roleplay or just enjoy watching the virtual sunsets please say 'hi' if you do drop by.

Some of the roleplay has been written up in the form of a 'newspaper'. You can find the first few issues here.