The Spice Report

Spice Report Issue Number 1

A Message from The Spacing Guild

By Alidar Moxie - Guild Propagandist

Al Raqis, Guild Citadel. The Spice Report has been established with two purposes in mind. The first is to keep the Guild itself informed of what is happening on the planet Araxes, in order to better serve the inhabitants in the most efficient means possible. A better informed Guild helps the entire known galaxy by allowing the most uniform free flow of goods and services, moving materials, me, and supplies to where they are most needed.

Spice Production - Cycle: 10 Shift: 4

By Dorvin Saeth - Guild Comptroler

A Chart
Mining OrganisationAmount Harvested
House Tairis23625g
United Systems Directorate5205g
House Kira840g
House Zenobia45g
The Spacing Guild15g

House Tairis continue to provide the most effective mining effort on Araxes.

The Guild's establishment of information channels is a well known, and successful, practice that has brought order wherever it has been attempted. The inhabitants left behind have always been left better than when they were found. This is truly a blessed time in the lives of every Araxes citizen.

The second reason for the establishment of this paper is one that speaks to my own spirit. A report recently came across my Guildmaster's desk speaking of the plight and uneducated nature of the Native people on Araxes. It spoke of people who lived in deserts with no formal education, of city dwellers who lived squalid lives, begging for scraps, of rampant social injustice. Such reports and anecdotes only reinforce the need for a well informed populace, a repository of knowledge staffed by reporters and investigators that can root out corruption and incompetence.

Together we can create an Araxes that is honest, open, and one that we can all be proud of. We can stop those who would put down the unfortunate, those who are poor, those who are not blessed with many gifts. We can hold people accountable and force all who hide in shadows to come into the open light of public scrutiny.

Your Editor, Alidar Moxie

Al Raqis High Society Gathers at Morloch Masquerade

By Salmo Jenkins - Staff Reporter

A member of House Morloch reposes

Araxes, Somewhere in the Southern Deserts. A well attended masquerade was held at House Morloch recently. Obstinately to commemorate the anniversary of the first landing of the Desert Born's ships, no one bothered to mention that no one was entirely sure of when the exact landing was, but of course such boldness seemed inappropriate when juxtaposed against the harsh unexplored desert of the South.

The event was marked by every manner of off-worlder and native alike appearing in costume and mask, mostly setting aside political differences and other feuds long enough to partake in the rich foods and entertainment provided. While an official census was not taken this reporter personally saw and verified members of Khayal Alramady, including the Naib, House Zenobia, and the Companions of Dakini. In addition to these aristocrats were various members from all over the planet, including the Magistrate. Several business leaders from both sides of the law also came out to mingle with these high minded political leaders, some of who were very familiar with each other and who had their own small side conferences and parties.

Despite the intrigue at the last such party, some would say scandal, on the planet, the most notable event at this party was the attempted freeing of Orion slaves by a member of the Desert Born, this party was well organized, well attended, and besotted, everything that could be asked for in a high society party. Whispers could already be heard of plans for the next gathering and possible high profile guest that would be in attendance.